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Dear April

Dear April,

F*ck you!!! I knew you were coming many months ago; you were the bad train wreck that I couldn’t look away from. You were about Survival.

See April You hurt me, in more ways than one. Physically you took me away from the places I wanted to be and when I dreamed about those places you came shattering down. You filled my waking hours with crazy schedule that made it nearly impossible to accomplish my goals.

Mentally you took me places I never imagined, from the darkest depths of the ocean to the brightest places on the sun. You made me question what I was doing. When I was doing it, my mind was always somewhere else. You even had me questioning my why and made me think about hanging it up.

Yeah April, you had me against the ropes. You knocked me down more times than I care to admit. You knocked my breath away, kicked me, punched me and you definitely left scars.

But you know what April, I am still standing!!!

You underestimated me. Did you not expect me to get back up? Did you not expect me to throw hay makers when the lights went out? You didn’t see those coming did you? When I was suffering, I was growing, and when I failed, I learned. You left me a little glimmer of hope April, and you never give a fighter an opening.

So April I say thank you. Thank you for the trials, for the suffering, for the pain. Thank you for the tears, the anger, the blood. It added to my fuel. Because of you, I overcame the dark times and grew into someone I needed to become.

April, next time, because we all know there will be a next time, bring a bigger army because you f*cked with the wrong human!!!

Keep Grinding,


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