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Trust the Process

Trust is a tiny word with big ramifications. We go through each and every day trusting something or someone. Trusting that someone put the car together correctly so we can drive to work or that the button on our pants is going to hold throughout the day. One of Webster’s dictionary definitions on trust is the dependence on something future or contingent. I feel, this definition, defines us as athletes. We have to trust that what we are doing today will benefit us in the future (delayed gratification). Whether that is repeating a skill to become a master or simply trying to lose that extra ten pounds. We hope (trust) that is will be.

I was reminded of this the other day on a call with Brownie. I had a big training weekend that did not go as we had planned (hindsight is 20/20) and I broke, both physically and mentally. Naturally, I started to wonder what I did wrong, over analyzing the situation. During this I call I told Brownie, I didn’t feel ready. He chuckled, made fun of me, and then help me realize the error in my ways.

He reminded me to trust the process a quote Joel Embiid made popular when referencing the 76ers, but oh is it so true to our sport. Trust the process. I don’t need to be ready today for something in six weeks. I need to be ready in six weeks. Something that in my day to day battles I forget because it is hard to see the big picture.

Now don’t get me wrong, what I do today matters, but it matters because of the journey. Race day should be the prize for all the work we have done. Honestly, race day should be the easiest day of training we have, because we have already done it, we have already fought those battles, we know how to respond. Race day is the result of the hard work we put in.

In order to get that reward though, we have to get uncomfortable and we have to break; how else are we going to be able to grow, learn, and to be the best versions of ourselves. So we fight, we claw, we break, we own the grind…... day in and day out. Trusting the process to get where we want be, because not trusting is not an option.

Keep Grinding,


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