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Let's Geaux

Its finally that time. Race seasoning is here; boy did I jump into the deep without my wetsuit. It’s that time to either fight back or die trying. Finally, I am excited and nervous.

It’s been 9 months since I have raced last. 9 months, has to be my record. I look back and get a bit frustrated that I did that to myself, but I also needed it. My off-season started with watching my bff finally get his reward for working his tail off. Then I went into family, much much needed family time. My family gives so much for me to follow this dream, that I couldn’t do it without them.

December came and it was time to start moving again, much needed time in the water (20K a week blocks) to 115-mile bike ride Christmas eve tradition.

January and February we continued the theme of 20K a week blocks, but had the added stress of increasing job responsibilities, expo season and balancing when I get to spend time with family.

March was in my opinion the best and worst months of my careers as a triathlete. Camp was one of the best thing to happen to me, I saw gains in fitness in things that, for me, hadn’t grow in a while. I met new family members and even accepted a new friend into my ever so tightly woven circle (cough cough Mart). SO much good came from camp that I got home and crashed.

The camp high didn’t hold on to me long… I came home to roughly a 5 week block of 4/5 nights on the road and weekends were major training days. My burnout was written all over the wall and boy did I run head first into it. We pushed were we could, pulled when we couldn’t, but getting me through that block was a huge struggle for the circle. I have probably never missed so many workouts in my life. I questioned “why”, I hated the sport and even thought about retiring.

IMTX week brought the balance back into my life. Work settled, family time came back and with that my desire started to rise …

Now it’s time, it’s time to show the struggle, show the pain, the investments. Yes, getting here was ugly (probably my worst as an athlete), but the growth is unprecedented. The work is done, the dust will settle and no matter what we will all come out the other side. Let’s geaux Raleigh, let’s do epic shit.

Keep Grinding,


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