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Welcome to my Journey

The Fam Bam

Running in College

​Four years ago my family and I embarked on an emotional journey in the sport of triathlon. The decision was an easy one to make. After years of being in the endurance world, I ran at both the High School and Collegiate levels, I switched to Marathons. The allure of the challenge was this: could I push my body that far? Two years later I had discovered I could but I was bored, I no longer felt challenged and, frankly, I needed a break.

The idea of triathlon became a realistic dream on a sunny day biking around the Bay Area. To look back now and see that Johnathan, it's humorous. What passersby must have thought to see a runner, in running shorts (yes envision the shorty shorts) a t-shirt and running shoes pedaling a bike around. I had no idea at the time, but I had found my passion again.

2014 70.3 World Champ Medal

I came back from that ride and that was it, I made the transition from foot races to triathlon. Fast forward to the present and I am currently in taper (if you don't know the word, you soon will) for my second 70.3 World Championships. I have completed 3 Ironman races and countless halves. I have spent more on bicycles than I have on a car and logged more yards in a pool than miles one drives to work.​

First Real Crash

​The road has by no means been a straight and easy one. My family and I have had to learn to adapt to the grueling training schedule (go big or go home right), while maintaining a relationship and being a father to my two hooligans. I've dealt with the heartbreak of injuries and the devastation of goals that fell just beyond my reach. It's been a hard four years, filled with ups and downs, but my goals and dreams have begun to materialize and take form.

As I finish out this year of racing, I am looking forward to the exciting things to come. I would like to share this journey with you, the highs and the lows, the triumphs and the losses, wherever it may take me.

Finishing 2017 70.3 Haines City

Keep Grinding,


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